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We are a stock and global distributor of electronic components, power semiconductor devices, <br>electrical equipment, optoelectronic display and industrial HMI touch screen and accessories.<br>1.High quality 2.Competitive price 3. Secure payment 4. Fast delivery 5. Excellent service <br><br>If you have any inquiry, feel free to contact us. <br>Our Products: <br>1. Electronic components: integrated circuit (IC), hybrid ic, optocoupler, discrete semiconductor (diode,<br>Transistor,Thyristor´╝îmosfet,fet, SCR Rectifier, Triac,diac,sidac´╝îbridge Rectifier,igbts, power diver etc.) <br>Sensor, aluminum electrolytic capacitor etc. <br>2. Power Electronic Devices: igbt module, mosfet module, gto module, gtr module, thyristor module, diode<br> module, transistor module, RF mosfet module, converter etc.<br>3. industrial computer and accessories: HMI, LCD screen, LCD module,VFD display module, touch screen<br>(glass), protect membrane, keypad etc.<br>4. Electrical Equipment: fuse, circuit breaker,relay, contactor, timer, temperature controller, <br>counter, switch, encoder, fan etc.

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Name: Ms. Christina
Business Type: Merchant
Country Or Territory: China (Mainland) (China (Mainland))
Operational Address: 6T05, NO.4 building West, Seg technology park,North huaqiang Rd,Futian District,Shenzhen
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